Safe and comfortable A collapsible steering wheel and highly rigid cab with a reinforced main frame to protect the driver and passengers in a collision.
ABS (Anti-lock braking system) ABS maximises directional stability while maintaining steering control when the emergency brake engages.
Sleeper cabs Designed to minimise the strain of long-distance travel, the comfortable cab is a single or double sleeper.


Hino 700 series


Payload: ± 16 tons

Hino 700 Series

Tough on a whole new level, the Hino 700 Series is a durable vehicle that is up to the challenge every time.

Hardy and functional

The new Hino 700 Series comes with durable fabric seat upholstery designed to be long lasting. The cab is spacious and comes with multiple storage compartments to help you keep your work organised all the time. Features like telescopic steering is designed to minimize driver fatigue are there to prove that the tough new Hino 700 Series is a workhorse that will last you a lifetime.

Built for commerce

No clutch operation reduces driver fatigue making the Hino 700 Series perfect for even the longest of journeys. An automatic gearbox seamlessly shifts between the Hino 700 Series’ 16 gears, giving you a convenient vehicle that keeps your drivers refreshed at all times. The 700 Series’ 13-litre engine has plenty of power allowing you to tow more than 45 tons reliably.

Safe design

Your safety is certain with the shock-absorbing collapsible steering column that works together with airbags and ABS to keep the Hino 700 Series’ occupants safe at all times.

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