Airbags and reinforced steel cab Safety is considered from every angle with a reinforced steel cab, driver and passenger airbags.
ABS (Anti-lock braking system) Maximise driver control during emergency braking across all road surface conditions.
Multi-function Display The Multi-Function Display shows two independent trip distances, current and average fuel consumption data.


Hino 300 series


Payload: ±​ 4 tons

Hino 300 Series

Industrious and functional, the new Hino 300 Series is perfect for any burgeoning young business.

Power meets economy

Take transport the max in the all-new Hino 300 Series’ 4-litre turbo inter-cooled engine. This technologically advanced engine design has been given a Euro 3 rating for its incredibly low carbon emissions, making it both environmentally friendly and economical. The Hino 300 Series is versatile, offering you the choice between an efficient manual transmission and a convenient automatic gearbox.

Arrive refreshed

The Hino 300 Series is available in both a compact single cab and a spacious crew cab that is able to seat up to four people. Equipped with a digital radio able to play both FM/AM and CD the Hino 300 Series will keep everyone satisfied on even the longest journeys.

Safe and secure

Large side mirrors give you a wide rearview while large headlights make driving at night easier than ever before. The 300 Series’ central locking means that you can trust that your vehicle is safe even when you are not there to watch it. A seat belt buzzer even ensures that everyone in the Hino 300 Series is buckled up and safe on the road.

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