Indongo Toyota Cares

We believe in giving back

As the Indongo Group, we are so much more than a motor group. As part of our efforts to support those in need within our local community, we created an initiative called Indongo Toyota Cares. We are committed to our community, which is why we are dedicated to paying it forward and giving back.

As part of our Indongo Toyota Cares culture, our philosophy for caring about people, our communities and our environment, we have been in the fortunate position to have been able to support various charities and non-profit organizations on numerous levels. Charity is an act of kindness. There goes a famous saying “Charity begins at home” and we are a family at Indongo Toyota. Knowing that your deed of kindness and charity, no matter how big or small, has brought a smile to someone’s face is the moment you will achieve the peace of mind which you truly desire from the bottom of your heart.

The community matters to us

We are involved in a variety of projects in the community, from collecting donations for good causes, sports sponsorships, school sponsorships and a variety of outreach programs. At Indongo Toyota, we are huge supporters of community upliftment. We are very proud of our commitment to our community and we look forward to many successful partnerships in the future.

Some of the causes we support on a continuous basis :

  1. SPCA
  2. Kids Haven
  3. Round Table

Want to get involved? Contact Indongo Toyota to find out more!